1 = Revision Rhinoplasty is done on a patient who underwent primary rhinoplasty elsewhere about 10 years ago. Severe tip deformity and middle vault collapse due to previous surgery are corrected in revision surgery. Nasal tip is reshaped and middle vault is rebuilt with cartilage grafts to create harmony and improve nasal breathing. Nasal contour is now elegant and results soften the entire face.

2= She had a very artificial, deviated nose with dorsal irregularities and Keystone collapse due to primary rhinoplasty about 20 years ago elsewhere. She was refered to Dr. sharafi for revision rhinoplasty. Rebuilding the nasal bridge during revision surgery allowed for straight and balanced nose.

3= This patient underwent primary rhinoplasty about 8 years ago elsewhere. She suffered from her nasal deviation and asymmetric wide nasal tip as a result of her previous surgery. After revision rhinoplasty her nose is compeletly reshaped. Nasal bridge is now straight and tip shape has been optimized and refined.

4= This patient complained of her artificial and imbalanced nasal tip and very narrow nostrils due to primary rhinoplasty that was done for her elsewhere. During revision rhinoplasty deprojection of tip and complete tip reshaping is done. Her nose is now in balance without overprojecting scar tissue and nostrils are in harmony with her entire nose.
In this patient facial fat transfer is done in infraorbital area and tear trough and the cheeks.
Now, look at her and watch the more beautiful and younger appearance of her face.